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que-es-la-osteopatiaOsteopathy is a system of manual therapy based on the discoveries and clinical experience of its founder, the American Andrew Taylor Still (1828-1917).

Osteopathy places a special emphasis on the relationship between the structure of the human body and the way in which the body works. It understands that many health problems stem from a detrimental change in the relationship between various parts of the body, a change which prevents the body from functioning correctly. Osteopaths focus their treatments on the bone structure, musculature, soft tissues and the internal organs, seeking a correct relationship between all elements.

Osteopathy considers each person to be a distinct individual. Through the probing of the body, assymetries and malfunctions are identified and via gentle stretching and mobilisation techniques, the body is thus stimulated to create the perfect conditions to facilitate the remedial process.

Osteopathy is not an alternative to conventional medicine but a complementary profession that allows additional treatments to be carried out.